If your bedtime stories aren’t filled with oinks, snorts and giggles, I’m not quite sure how you’ve been able to sleep peacefully. In Peppa Pig‘s Princess Peppa DVD, everyone’s favorite little pig starts us off with a bedtime story in the newest adventures in Entertainment One‘s hit series.

When Granny and Grandpa Pig come to visit, Peppa and and her little brother George insist on a bedtime story. Granny Pig starts it, but as the others are waiting for dinner, Grandpa, Daddy, and Mommy Pig each take a turn to try to wrap up the story. Scary dragons, picnics, wizards, and parties fill the story of Princess Peppa and Sir George. Peppa promised she and George would sleep when the story is over, but Peppa may be more in command of the plot than any of the adult pigs. Peppa even successfully puts Mommy Pig to sleep before she’s content enough to venture into the land of snoozes.

Bedtime is just as critical in the following Peppasode. After slurping down some noodles at dinner, Peppa’s loses her first tooth. Apparently, baby teeth are called milk teeth in the UK, so even 23-year-olds have something to learn from a family of talking pigs. After realizing it was her one tooth that mysteriously appeared on the plate and not someone else’s, Peppa is reassured by Mommy Pig that another tooth will soon grow in, but first they get to look forward to a visit from the Tooth Fairy. Peppa insists on staying up to meet this orthodontic creature, but falls asleep right before her appearance. (SPOILER ALERT: it is NOT The Rock who comes to exchange Peppa’s tooth for a coin.)

In the third episode more coins are found, but this time they aren’t under a pillow. When Peppa and family take a trip over to Granny and Grandpa Pig’s house, the eldest of the boars have a treasure hunt awaiting the piglets. There are subtle jabs at the illegible writing on the map (Grandpa Pig insists it’s clear as day), gold coins that are actually delicious chocolate, and an ending filled with numerous snorts of enjoyment as the treasure is discovered on what Peppa calls the best treasure hunt ever.

There are a total of 12 Peppasodes to round out the hour-long DVD set. Each episode has a whimsical theme to it, packed with rainbows, queens, pirates, and wishing wells. There is even a special bonus episode of eOne’s other hit series, Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom.

If kids are looking for a companion to snuggle up with while exploring with Peppa, there is a special edition set that includes a Princess Peppa plushie adorned with a beautiful crown. Kids should be prepared for a jam-packed journey because Peppa will take them on all kinds of oinktastic adventures in Princess Peppa.