Not all monster (trucks) have to be scary.

Fisher-Price gets the good times rolling for kids ages 9 months and up with the Press ‘n Go Monster Truck. Kids can just press down on the monster truck’s head and watch it roll off for tons of crawl and chase fun. Available in pink or green, this no-tech toy not only provides active play and sensory development, but is also the cutest little monster you’ve ever seen (aside from your little monster playing with it).

Each monster truck has cute, baby-safe, and tactile features. Although both feature monstery teeth and horns, they are soft to the touch instead of hard plastic, and rounded instead of sharp. Each features a unique textured hairstyle—the pink truck’s blue pigtails are made of an almost shoelace-like rope, while the green tuck features a spurt of purple felt hair. Both are brightly colored with goofy eyes and expressions, so they’re the kind of monsters that you want to be your BFF, instead of the scary ones hiding under your bed.

The Press ‘n Go Monster trucks provide a ton of developmental features for kids as well. The play pattern provides baby with the idea that little actions can have big rewards as they press down on the monster’s head to make it roll forward. This will encourage curiosity and build the foundations for cause-and-effect understanding. After the monster takes off, kids can hone their gross motor skills as they crawl and chase after the rolling truck. The hair, teeth, bright colors, and motion help kids develop sensory skills, encouraging them to explore the toy with their different senses.

This simple and affordable toy is loaded with tons of great features for your crawling toddler, so kids can get the fun rolling!