Kids would be way more likely to take their medicine if it involved playing video games.

The startup Akili is changing the way medicine works with a new class of digital medicine, delivered through a video game. EndeavorRx uses a technology designed to target and activate specific neural systems in the brain, giving kids sensory stimuli and motor challenges to improve cognitive functioning. Delivered through a video game experience, EndeavorRx is meant to improve attention function in kids with primarily inattentive or combined-type ADHD — and it has been approved by the FDA.

It’s a form of medicine that kids will actually want to take, making the treatment process more engaging and fun for kids, like they’re playing a video game — because that’s exactly what they’re doing. Plus, it gives families a non-drug option to treat ADHD.

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The EndeavorRx treatment will soon be available with a prescription as the centerpiece of the Endeavor Care Program, which includes the EndeavorRx treatment and Akili Care, a mobile tracking app and personal support service for caregivers.

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