buzz 002Kids love when characters from a beloved movie or TV show transform into tangible products, and toys based on their favorite on-screen friends are no different. There’s something about having a physical companion of a cherished character that makes it that much more special. One of the best movies to do this for—appropriately named—is the Toy Story trilogy, and one of my favorite products based on those movies is the Power Projection Buzz Lightyear, from Thinkway Toys.

This space ranger looks exactly like he does in the movie, with his signature space suit, smug facial expression, and laser. The quality of this product is almost unbelievable and I’m pretty sure if I was able to reach into one of the Toy Story movies and grab Buzz out, this is exactly what he would look like.

Buzz stands about 12 inches tall and is fully poseable. His helmet retracts and the wings of his space suit fully pop-out with the press of a button. He also talks with the original voice and phrases from the movies. When Buzz’s power projector is placed right in the grip of Buzz’s hands, it displays an image of the evil Emperor Zurg, who can easily be blasted away with the laser button. When activated, the laser shines and makes a sound effect.

Kids ages 4 and up can pretend that their Buzz comes to life with this toy, and defeating Emperor Zurg will be an easy feat. Plus, with talks surrounding a fourth Toy Story movie to be released in the summer of 2017, this hero will never go out of style.

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