Construction zones need a little less danger and a little more colorful counting fun.

The Pop-a-Balls Push & Pop Bulldozer, from VTech, encourages little builders to count and move as they drop, pop, and load a ball and count how many times they can catch it. Essentially, kids are putting their scoop on a loop.

To get the party started, kids should drop a ball into the cab of the bulldozer and as they push it, the ball shoots out of the smoke stack to then try to catch it in the scoop, which will dump it back into the cab. As kids are able to keep a volley of sorts, the bulldozer will count how many times they can catch the ball consecutively. When kids are tuckered out from pushing their equipment, they can sit and play with the buttons on the side, which teach numbers, colors, and music.

The bulldozer comes with four balls. The speed of the scoop should really only be played with one ball at a time, so the handle can store the other three for kids to quickly access as one may bounce away in their pursuit of perfection. The balls also come in different colors, so kids can learn the colors and choose their favorite while playing. The popping adventures are narrated by a construction pup, who counts, sings, and leads kids to their construction sites.

Although it’s a push toy, the Pop-a-Balls Push & Pop Bulldozer is fairly compact and won’t take up much space in the play room. The colors are reminiscent of real construction vehicles, but with an adorable twist to the yellow, orange, and black details.

Discovery and motor skills are the key focuses of this little piece of construction equipment. Although the scoop has fairly consistent aim when loading the ball back into the cabin, it’s not guaranteed to catch the ball as it comes out of the smoke stack. This means that as kids push the bulldozer, they are focused in on catching the ball and keeping their streak going rather than just running around (although that is also fun with how lively this toy is).