Poopyhead Makes Going No. 2 No. 1

All players MUST wash their hands after going to the bathroom.

Poopyhead, from Identity Games, takes game night into the bathroom with a fast-paced card game that’s all about going No. 2.

Prepare to laugh your butt off before you even start playing, thanks in large part to the five included poopy headbands, which players are forced to wear if they lose a round. Not to mention, talking openly about using the toilet pretty much always results in some red cheeks (on your face) and unavoidable giggles.

The game features four card types in three colors: toilet, poopy, toilet paper, and washing hands. Players must race to place their cards down on the discard pile in the order of poop-erations: First you find a toilet, then you do your business, then you wipe, and finally (and MOST importantly) you wash your hands. Each card placed must have a different background color than the card before it.

Players try to get rid of all their cards as quickly as possible, and squeeze the Whoopee cushion when their hand is empty (or when they have no possible moves left, but we found if you play with five people, you’ll pretty much always have a move). The player with the most cards left in his or her hand must wear a poopy headband.

While each round has a clear winner, the player with the most poops on his or her head after five rounds is the loser (meaning everyone else will win by default). This is the part where you really want to break out your camera, because wearing poop on your head is the truest Kodak moment I can really think of.

This no-turns game results in silly and fast fun. Each round only takes about a minute to complete, meaning you can play Poopyhead faster than it takes you to actually… well, you know.

This game will be an instant hit for kids, because let’s face it: Kids are gross, and poop is funny. And while the game is designed for kids ages 6 and up, tweens, teens, and adults will all have a blast with Poopyhead. It’s challenging, disgusting, and full of shameful fun (but in a good way). Afterall, everybody poops, and everybody will love Poopyhead.



Manufacturer: Identity Games
MSRP: $14.99

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