It’s Polly’s World, and we are all just living in it? Now, the next generation can take a trip to Polly World’s as she goes on many different adventures.

Mattel brought back the pocket-sized Polly toys for kids to explore. Kids can take the new collection of Polly girls on different epic adventures with a series of Polly Pocket World Assortment compacts. Each compact opens to reveal a unique theme, jam-packed with surprises and reveals to discover, micro-sized dolls and their accessories for kids to take with them on the go.

There are three themes to choose from: Flamingo Floatie, Sweet Treat, and Snowball Surprise.

Flamingo Floatie takes Polly and Lila to the beach with everything needed for a fun beach getaway. Kids can even add water to the compact and make minimal, lazy river-like waves for their Polly by turning the flamingo head, which doubles as a crank.

Sweet Treat features Polly and Shani in the cupcake shop turned arcade. The dolls can sell and eat cupcakes in the shop and on the mobile scooter. Then, kids can transform the compact into a karaoke lounge, complete with a stage, dance floor, arcade game, and Dance Dance Revolution for the dolls to play.

The third compact, Snowball Surprise, takes Polly and Shani to the slopes with a ski chalet set. Inside a snowglobe is the cozy ski cabin with hidden nooks and crannies to explore. The other side of the compact hits the slopes. The dolls can ice skate on the heart-shaped pond, ride the chairlift across the backdrop, or even sled and toboggan down the snow-covered hill. There’s even an adorable, smiling snowman hidden inside the igloo waiting to make a new friend!

Each Polly Pocket World compact includes a new feature where the dolls can stick with the Polly stick. Each doll has sticky feet that easily adhere to different white sticker backgrounds on the floor, scooter, diving board, and more so the dolls can pose and stand in certain poses easily.

Once kids are finished with their play, they can snap the compacts closed and cart them around on the go for play anytime.

Kids will enjoy journeying to Polly’s World and imagining different big adventures for their pint-sized dolls, while ’90s babies will enjoy reminiscing on childhood toys past and the nostalgic Polly adventures they used to play.