Playmobil Sand BucketThe sandbox isn’t often a place for innovation, but along comes Playmobil with a fresh spin on an old classic: the sand bucket.

The Ice Cream Shop Sand Bucket is a fun new way for kids to build, sift, and create with an imaginative spin.

More than a mere bucket, this all-in-one playset includes two Playmobil figures specially designed for use in the sandbox — a child and an ice cream vendor. There’s a nook at the bottom of the bucket that becomes the ice cream stand, allowing for fun figure play and interaction. With a chunkier design than traditional Playmobil figures, these are perfect for small hands.

Playmobil Sand Bucket - Pieces, Sifting, Shaping

Pro tip: White sand mixed with a sprinkle of colored sand looks like a sno-cone!

Kids can use the included scoop to create perfectly-formed “ice cream” from moistened (but not wet) sand. A pair of included cones and toppers can also be used to craft fun shapes, while a perfectly formed piece of pie will include the classic Playmobil logo right in the sand.

When playtime is over, all pieces store neatly in the bucket for storage.

All goes in the bucket

Unlike many sand toys that are constructed from brittle plastic, the Ice Cream Shop Sand Bucket is expertly crafted out of the high-quality plastics for which Playmobil is known.

For those seeking some traditional “construction site” sandbox fun, be on the lookout for other toys from the Playmobil Sand range, including a dump truck, an excavator, and a water tank trunk.