Play-Doh TownFirehouse playset

Play-Doh has been building up imaginations for years. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, that soft modeling compound is almost irresistible. Hasbro created hundreds of play sets over the years to spark kids’ creativity and allow them to create their own worlds, and the new Play-Doh Town line is no different. The new assortment gives kids the opportunity to build up different parts of a town. Whether they have one set or the entire Play-Doh Town, tons of imaginative and creative play is a guarantee.

Fire-rescue missions are waiting for kids with the Play-Doh Town Firehouse play set. The Play-Doh Town firefighter and her cute pup are ready to put out the Play-Doh fire. Kids can use the fire stamper to create fire scenes, before filling up the water cannon and hydrant with more Play-Doh to save the day. The cannon and hydrant provide two fun ways for kids to create water: The cannon shoots out the dough as a water spray, while the hydrant provides a steady stream.

The firefighter and her puppy are full of imaginative play as well. Kids can create a fun hairstyle for the firefighter using her hat, or mold a variety of different hair accessories using the included half molds. They’ll also have to remember to take the puppy for a walk, or else the puppy has a Play-Doh accident inside the firehouse. The included Play-Doh cans are building-themed, so the outside of the can resembles the outside of a building. This lets kids use the cans as part of the town-building fun. Kids can build up a house to save from the fire, using the cans as the support and foundation.

The Play-Doh Town line features different characters and sets, including an Ice Cream Truck, Pizza Delivery, Roadworker and Pup, and more. Keep an eye out for all of them, launching later this year.