Finally, brown Play-Doh gets its day in the sun.

Earlier this month, the weirdos totally normal people at Hasbro dropped the latest new addition to its Play-Doh line, and it’s a real stinker.

Play-Doh Poop Troop is a poop-themed Play-Doh set that fuses the classic compound with Mr. Potato Head. Kids ages 3 and up can create more than a dozen poop emojis and customize them to their heart’s content using the included eyes, arms, mouths and other plug-in accessories.

While kids are free to create their own poops by hand, the kit also includes a poo mold (similar to the one we’ve come to love in Don’t Step In It) and decorating tools such as a knife and roller to make perfectly glorious poops.

This Play-Doh set really lets creativity shine, letting kids whip up pink, orange, and blue poops using the included Play-Doh cans, or they can go the more classic route with brown. The set includes 12 cans in total, four of which are brown.

For just $14.99, your kids can masterfully create any poop they can imagine. Big poops, small poops, lumpy poops, tall poops. Poops with glasses, toothy grins, and giant schnozes. Pink poops, blue poops or rainbow poops—the sky is the limit with this kit, no toilet required.

Gross toys are certainly trending in toy land, especially with kids’ particular fondness for the poop emoji. And we thought we’d seen it all: sticky poops you throw and stick to the wall, poop-themed collectibles packaged in faux toilet paper rolls, personified farts that smell like cherries, fake pimples you stick to your face and squeeze to release white slime, and even a game that challenges players to pick up boogers from a spinning bowl using nothing but a giant strand of sticky snot. And yet, we were surprised and disgustingly delighted by the Poop Troop.

But potty humor is nothing new to Hasbro. Fans of the Poop Troop will also enjoy the aforementioned game Don’t Step In It, in which players must walk across a mat blindfolded while trying to avoid stepping in piles of poop. Furreal Ricky, the Trick Lovin’ Pup is an adorable interactive Husky pup who loves to eat treats—and poop them out. And the Baby Alive Potty Dance Doll is—literally—all about going to the bathroom.

Play-Doh Poop Troop is available now at Amazon, Target, and Walmart. But it now!