PJ Masks PJ SeekerIt’s go time. The Ninjalinos are on the loose, and the PJ Masks are ready to do what they do best: Go into the night to save the day! But now, kids can help!

With the PJ Masks PJ Seeker, from Just Play, kids ages 3 and up can be on the lookout for Nighttime Villains and lend a hand to their favorite superheroes: CatboyGekko, and Owlette. Featuring lights, sounds, and a show-inspired design, the PJ Masks PJ Seeker comes with a mini Cat-Car and can fit up to four vehicles (sold separately) in the detachable carrier. The play set is a great toy for parents looking to add on play value as they go. The Seeker comes with a Catboy figure, but the cabin can hold up to three total 3-inch PJ Masks figures.

Kids can use the light-up searchlight to spot villains in the dark, and then use the disk launcher to stop villains and save the day. Once they stop the villains cold using the launcher, kids can trap them in the detachable cage until the PJ Masks show up to lend a hand.

PJ Masks PJ Seeker

Pushing a button releases the Seeker’s cabin from the carrier so kids can quickly pursue the ever-escaping villains — no Ninjalinos getting away on our watch! The vehicle play set also features a pull-out ramp, drop-down side door, a trailer, a claw crane, and a bridge.

Parents will need to exercise a bit of patience when initially assembling this toy, but once it’s put together, its impressive size and accessories will keep kids engaged. Plus, the option to add on more figures and vehicles will keep it from getting pushed to the back of the playroom in favor of new finds. It is bigger than it looks online, so make sure you check the dimensions and ensure you have the necessary space to house it.