PJ Masks Seeker

For the past three years, Owlette, Gekko, and Catboy — collectively known as the PJ Masks from eOne‘s original animated series airing daily on Disney Junior — have been going into the night so they can save the day again and again.

Armed with fantastic vehicles, such as the Owl Glider, Gekko Mobile, and Cat-Car, the endless quest to catch Romeo, the Night Ninja, Luna Girl, and the Wolfy Kids is always enhanced by some incredible tech. Unlike Batman, I don’t think we’ve ever discovered who’s financing the PJ Masks’ operation, but this summer, the team came into possession of its greatest vehicle yet: the PJ Seeker.

Just in time for the holiday season, the PJ Masks’ biggest on-screen vehicle has been translated into a toy from Just Play, allowing kids to embark on new off-screen adventures — all powered by imagination.

Think of the Seeker as the PJ Masks’ new mobile HQ; however, unlike last year’s space-faring Super Moon Adventure HQ Rocket, the Seeker is built for ground-based tactical adventures here on Earth, with six wheels, a detachable cab, and several additional features that make the Seeker a pretty fantastic play set.


Race into the night to save the day with the new PJ Masks Seeker! Available online now, and in stores soon! #PJMasks #JustPlayProducts #JustPlayAllDay #Toys #ToysofInstagram #PJMasks

Posted by Just Play on Tuesday, July 30, 2019

For kids who are just starting their PJ Masks collection, the included 3-inch scale Catboy figure and Mini Cat-Car allow for fun right out of the box, while existing fans of those with other PJ Masks figures and vehicles will love that the Seeker has space to hold and transport up to four small- to medium-sized vehicles. The vehicle has a working rear ramp and a pop-out side hatch, a claw crane and cage (perfect for capturing that pesky Romeo!), a working spotlight, a disc-shooter, and electronic lights and sounds. Plus, the cabin interior has space for up to three figures.

PJ Masks Seeker

While the original PJ Masks HQ Playset was once considered the crown jewel for any PJ Masks collection, the PJ Seeker manages to snatch the title, packing a ton of fun into a sleek new package that will likely become one of this year’s most-wished-for new toys.