It’s almost bedtime and you’re trying to race home. You zoom under the city bridge and around the curves, going just fast enough to make it through the loop and Luna Girl pops up right before you reach the finish line to knock down Romeo all before the Night Ninja Bus crashes into the museum. Catboy has again saved the day and can park his Cat Car for the night.

Based on Entertainment One‘s animated series PJ Masksthe PJ Masks Rival Racers Track Playset, from Just Play, is a raceway for kids’ favorite nighttime heroes to save the museum from Night Ninja. The set comes equipped with loops, launchers, Catboy in his Cat-Car vehicle, and a Ninja Night Bus.

There are a couple different ways to set up the track, creating multiple courses for kids to conquer. The first setup, which I liked the best, starts with a built-in launcher that blasts the car through the loop and around the curve where Luna Girl pops up, and then past the finish line with Romeo waiting. The second launcher then pushes a vehicle over the curve and through the front doors of the museum to land on the other side. The second setup goes through the loop and straight through the museum doors before coming out on the other side to finish the track.

Track assembly is simple, the pieces slide together without any struggle and stays together tightly while playing. It’s best to set up either on the floor or a big table, just make sure there’s room for cars to fly around.

The trick to having the most fun with this set is to get a feel for the vehicle launchers. Kids should make sure the back of the car is pushed all the way back against the launcher. It took me a few times to also push it with the right amount of force so it stays on track, but doesn’t stop short of the big first loop. Once I tried a couple times, it didn’t take too long before I was racing through the track with some speed.

For kids striving to be heroes of the night, the PJ Masks Rival Racers Track Playset is the perfect chance to go on adventures and stop all the villains.