Save the Day with PJ Masks Headquarters Playset

pjmaskhqplayset_just-playAs someone who jumps at any chance to wear pajamas (I’m looking at you, spirit week in middle school), I think that the mighty heroes of the PJ Masks series are living their best lives. Cat Boy, Owlette, and Gekko head into the night to save the day clad in their PJs on Disney Junior’s newest hit series.

Now kids can join in the adventure with the PJ Masks Headquarters Playset, from Just Play. This super cute play set has everything kids need to create their own crime-fighting adventures, including a Cat Boy figure and his iconic Cat-Car.

This 2-foot play set is perfect for little heroes because there are three levels and two sides of play. The headquarters features a moving elevator, secret doors, a zip line, and more. There are also tons of tools to catch the bad guys, like the capture net, hanging cat rings, and a pop-out hatch. Kids can send Cat Boy zooming down the ramp in the Cat-Car, or bursting through the doors to serve justice.

One of the best parts about this play set is the quality of the figures. They look exactly like the characters from the show, are incredibly durable, and are articulated, so kids can come up with their own adventures with or without the play set. Although the play set only includes the Cat Boy figure, other figures are sold separately to complete your PJ Masks world.

The play set is also completely compatible with them, making it easy for kids to play. The elevator provides a place to click in their feet, and the car includes a place to securely snap in Cat Boy, including leaving room for this tail. This thoughtful addition takes all of the frustration out of play time, and ensures that our heroes will be able to, quite literally, stand guard over their HQ.

This play set has big pieces and accessories, so little hands can maneuver everything with ease. And parents, don’t fret: This play set is easy to assemble. Everything snaps together relatively easily, and the headquarters is set up in no time.

The very coveted line of PJ Masks toys will be available later this month. Stay tuned!



Manufacturer: Just Play
MSRP: $69.99

6 Responses to “Save the Day with PJ Masks Headquarters Playset”

  1. tamara thornton

    my grandson real love PJ masks he told me all of there name i really enjoy watching it with him it a great childern program

  2. Tonya Slusher

    My grandson is 3 and loves this toy to pieces! Got all of the figures! But we have lost the net and he desperately wants it to catch the bad guys! Where can I get a replacement?

  3. My son (5) recieved this as a gift for Christmas. Assembly only took us 15-20 minutes but the doors stick for the cars to escape the head quarters causing my son to have a melt down every time. 🙁 It is not worth it.

  4. Miriam Roca

    I am very disappointed with my purchase!I It took me over four months to find for this toy for my 3 year old grandson. Finally last month, I received a phone call at 8am from my local Toys r us store advising me that he checked the computer and found 2 in Miami which is about 45 min drive from me. Needless to say , I drove all the way over there over three hour commute and got. Yesterday, My husband I spent an Hour assembling it so that when my grandson, Lorenzo came over xmas eve he would have it. He has asked for this toy for months and reminds me on a daily basis to call Santa and remind Santa that he is a good boy and not to forget the PJ masks Headquarters. Well…there were three pieces missing, It was missing the cage, the two pieces for the elevator and the little hanging item on the right top side that holds the PJ masks toy! Now it is too late for us to un-assemble the toy and attempt to exchange it. Not to mention it took so long to even find one so I will have too keep it and hope he doesn’t notice those pieces. Needless to say. We are very disappointed.


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