‘Pixar Popcorn’ premieres on Friday, Jan. 22. | Source: Disney+

Break out the popcorn! 🍿

This Friday, tune into Disney+ for the premiere of Pixar Popcorn, a collection of 10 mini-shorts starring your favorite Pixar characters.

Created by the animators of Pixar Animation Studios, the shorts feature stories based on Soul, Toy Story, Coco, Finding Nemo, Cars, The Incredibles, and other Pixar movies. Disney+ released a trailer that shows snippets from the bite-sized shorts and reveals episode names as logos designed in the styles of familiar Pixar brands.

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The episodes include “Dancing with the Cars,” “Unparalleled Parking,” “Soul of the City,” “Cookie Num Num,” “Chore Day The Incredibles Way,” “Dory Finding,” “A Day in the Life of the Dead,” “To Fitness and Beyond,” “Fluffy Stuff with Ducky & Bunny,” and a mysterious 10th title.

Pixar Popcorn launches exclusively on Disney+ on Friday, Jan. 22. Look for your favorite characters in the trailer below!