You may have come across Dr. Pimple Popper once or twice as you endlessly scroll through Instagram.

And you have to admit: You can’t look away from the disgusting, yet satisfying videos from the dermatologist—and neither can her millions of followers.

The pimple-popping obsession and the outpouring of gross toys this year is why Dr. Pimple Popper (Sandra Lee, MD) partnered with Spin Master for an explosive game to give everyone a chance to get in on the action.

In Pimple Pete, two or more players take turns popping the pimples from Pete’s face. Flick the spinner to see which part of Pete’s face (forehead, left or right cheek, or chin) to pull the pimple from. Players will earn one to three points extracting the pimples, depending on its level of difficulty. Some pimples are easy to pull out, and others will take extra careful twisting and maneuvering. A couple of ground rules is that you must commit to a pimple once you start pulling it out, you can only use two fingers, and your other hand cannot touch his face. There’s 16 pimples for players to take turns and pop.

But be careful, (there’s always a catch) because if you pull the pimple with too much pressure, this will trigger the red mega zit on Pete’s face, and water will squirt all over you. From first-hand experience, the water shoots out at you as unexpectedly and very fast—just like a real zit! So, half the fun is finding the delicate balance of using enough force to pop the correct spot on his face, but being gentle to not to use too much pressure, or the mega-zit will explode.

Players will score points for each pimple they extract without setting off the mega-zit. The first player to score either nine, eight, or seven points first (depending on amount of players) wins!

You guys. We’ve seen a lot of gross toys this year, including creepy collectibles, slimy and squishy playthings, and yucky games—but I must say that Pimple Pete tops the grossness of them all as gross king. Someone get Pete a crown, STAT!

The game’s pimples itself is what really solidified this for me. Sure, they look harmless on Pete’s face because you see a bulbous whitehead. But, as you’re wiggling them off of his face, you touch the squishy, fleshy pimple, and then actually feel movement as the long, puss-filled tail squeezes out of the hole in his face. As if that wasn’t already too much, you then get to see all of the details of the puss tail, including bulges and other crevices. A gag reflex may or may not be triggered when playing this silly game, which of course adds to the lightheartedness and hilarity of it all.

And, don’t forget the roulette nature of the game. Players will not trigger the mega-zit off on purpose, so the game gets an added layer of anticipation and suspense. There may or may not be nervous giggles and screams as the “pimple juice” sprays all over the player who triggers it.

Pimple Pete is fun for any family game night—and prepare to be grossed out!