Open Up Pimki Pops For A Scented Surprise

Who likes scented surprises? And no, I don’t mean the ones your dog leaves on the carpet.

Behold, Pikmi Pops, by Moose Toys. Open up this plastic lollipop vessel for a sweet smelling new pal(s) and a variety of fun mystery items.There are two types: Pimki Pops, which contains one plush pal, and Pimki Pop Surprise, which contain two.

All Pikmi Pops are blind so you never know what you’re going to get inside, although Regular vs. Surprise are labeled accordingly.  Besides the plush(es), you’ll find secret messages inside packaged as little envelopes and written from the Pikmi Pal to your child. Kids will also want to check out the collector’s guide to see how rare their scented plush is, if it is limited edition, and to learn more about its identity. PSST, and not to give any of Moose Toy’s secrets away, but my mystery items may or may not have been a special Pikmi lanyard that a Pikmi Plush can attach to, as well as a tiny Pikmi figurine that could act as a pet to the plush.

Now when Moose Toys said scented plush, they were not kidding. Pikmi Plushes are soft, cute, and smell great. These things are like air fresheners,TBH. Lucky for us and our gag reflex, they only come in sweet flavors, such as chocolate, blueberry, fruit paradise, marshmallow, etc. Another cool feat is the lollipop vessel contains holes in it so your Pikmi Pals can breathe, and also to release some of those pleasant smells. Part toy, part potpourri, amiright? 

If you’re wondering how big Pimki Pop is, don’t worry, it’s way bigger than a real lollipop. Think of a Magic 8 Ball, but slightly bigger. And unlike a real lollipop, it opens in the middle, so kids can place their Pimki Pals in storage after playtime. There’s also a stand so your Pimki Pop stands up straight and can be put on display.

Bottom line: Pikmi Pops are poppin’ and the Pikmi critters inside are totally worth the blind surprise. What will you unwrap?



Manufacturer: Moose Toys
MSRP: $10.99

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