Piki Piki Blue Angle

Learning new things can be hard, and the bumps and bruises that pile up along the way are always a grim reminder of past trial and error.

With the new three-wheeled Piki Piki Bike, from Gallo Spence Toys, toddlers and kids ages 18 months and up can learn the fundamental skills needed to make transitioning to a two-wheeled bike much, much smoother. And with any luck, there will be way less bumps and way less bruises.

The pedal-less Piki Piki Bike comes housed in a South African-themed box, immediately showing off a not-like-the-others attitude. It’s also styled like a motorcyle, which is gnarly. The packaging is fun, as it introduces kids to Duncan, a sun hat-sporting monkey that isn’t quite ready for a two-wheeled bike with pedals.PikiPikiBoxUnlike some toddler bikes—which are often made with steel frames and two wheels—the Piki Piki Bike is made entirely of soft, high impact plastic. That includes the wheels. At just 5.5 pounds, its lightweight design makes it easy for little ones to move around entirely on their own. And with no sharp edges, kids can enjoy the Piki Piki Bike indoors and outdoors. Hello rainy day rides! Young ones can start practicing on soft carpet, and graduate to the pavement outside when they’re feeling comfortable. It’s a versatile little ride-on that lets toddlers pick up and play all on their own.

Though the Piki Piki may seem like a balance bike, it’s technically not. Since it boasts three wheels, it’s actually a tricycle. With two rear wheels to keep this ride-on upright, young riders can focus on their coordination and confidence without worrying about toppling over. It’s a starter bike that allows kids to steer their way to a more balanced future.

PikiPikiKidThe Piki Piki ride-on comes fully assembled, so it’s ready to ride straight out of the box. And an included sticker sheet includes accents such as a dash, a brake light, a windshield, turn signals, and more that add to the riding experience. There’s even a license plate sticker to give kids reason not to run through those pesky red light cameras.

All in all, Gallo Spence Toys’ Piki Piki Bike is nothing short of awesome, as it teaches toddlers and kids the maneuvering skills needed to move up in the ride-on ranks.