‘Pokémon Primers: ABC’ and ‘Pokémon Primers: 123’ | Source: The Pokémon Co. International

Young kids can start their Pokémon training early as they explore the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors with Pokémon Primers, a new series of books from Pikachu Press.

The books are a creative way to introduce kids to the world of Pokémon while teaching them their ABCs and 123s with lots of activities, stickers, and interactive elements. Kids can open the flaps in the board-style books to find surprise illustrated items, such as Poké Balls or berries. Each book also includes pronunciation guides to teach readers how to say each Pokémon’s name correctly — which may actually help the adults out more than the kids.

‘Pokémon Primers: 123’ | Source: The Pokémon Co. International

Pikachu Press got its start in 2012, as the publishing imprint from The Pokémon Co. International, with activity, sticker, and pop-up books for kids.

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The first two books in the series, Pokémon Primers: ABC and Pokémon Primers: 123, are available now. Fans can also pre-order Pokémon Primers: Colors and Pokémon Primers: Shapes now to receive them at a later date.