Prove Your Strength with Pie Face Sky High

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, step right up to test your strength!

The threequel to Pie Face is here, and we am HERE FOR IT. Pie Face took the world by storm by going viral two years ago, and Hasbro brought us new editions ever since—each filled with more laughs than the one before. There was the OG Pie Face that left users in suspense whether they would get pied or not; Pie Face Showdown, which put players’ pie-faced fate into their own hands; and now, one of our new favorite L.O.L. Games of the year, Pie Face Sky High.

Basically bringing a classic carnival game right to your living room, Pie Face Sky High challenges players to hit the target hard enough with a hammer to trigger the arm to go up, up, and away straight to your opponent’s face.

After a one-time assembly of the game itself, which just requires popping some pieces together, it’s play time! Flick the spinner to reveal how many tries you get to pie your opponent, and then channel your inner Thor to hit the plate with a hammer as hard as you can. This will send a red piece up and down the 3-foot yellow pole. If you succeed? It’s a sweet, sweet victory as you send whipped cream right into your opponent’s face.

This game is friendly for everyone, so even if you are too short, or too tall, everyone can have a turn at some laughs. Grab a couple of textbooks to stand on, kneel, or put the game on a table to make it work!

While this edition of Pie Face is different, one thing remains the same: the sheer amount of anxiety that you get while waiting to get pied. Will you get pied? Will you get lucky? What does fate have in store for you this time?!

Make sure to have lots of whipped cream on hand, because I promise you that kids will spend hours taking turns trying to prove that they are the strongest! Pie Face Sky High is a low-tech, genuinely funny game that will brighten up any family game night.



Manufacturer: Hasbro
MSRP: $24.99

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