Parents are probably familiar with trying to squeeze chairs into their cars. It’s the chore that requires a strong amount of skill, determination, and a general “please let this work” attitude before any family picnic or beach day.

Pick-Up Pete from Fotorama brings the excitement of stacking chairs into a smaller (way more fun) version for kids. Each player — there can be 2-4 — chooses six chairs of the same color to stack onto the moving truck. The first one to stack all of their chairs wins — and may just be able to help you next time you go to the beach. It’s not all fun and games, though: If a player knocks over the stack they’re out!

The little truck — named Pete — needs a little bit of assembling before kids can play. It requires two AA batteries and some sticker decoration, but this shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. Once it’s all set up, the self-driving car spins around in a slow circle.

Kids can either wait until the car comes to them for their turn or go around in a circle as it can get away quickly. The easy-to-follow rules don’t mention anything about taking turns so if kids want a faster-paced gameplay, they can turn it into a free for all of chair stacking. Kids can also change up the game by grabbing any chair color from a pile and adding it or trying to take the chairs off of the pile — which makes it a bit like Jenga if it had been more country.

Each chair has different holes cut out, so it’s hard to just copy what the person before you did. Kids will have to use their reasoning skills, determination, and a general “I can do this” attitude to win. They’ll pick up a strategy and drive home the fun in no time.