Everyone’s favorite pig is back in action with brand new Peppa Pig toys and media from VTech, LeapFrog, Scholastic, and Fox. The new products feature Peppa and all of the other characters kids love from the Nick Jr. show.

The Scribble & Sounds Doodle Board, from VTech, is perfect for preschoolers. Kids can practice drawing letters, shapes, and Peppa Pig herself, or get creative with Peppa and her family using three stencils. Insert the stencils into the doodle board and it will recognize them and give playful responses as kids draw letters, shapes, and Peppa Pig characters. Peppa guides little doodlers with ideas about what to draw and what letters to explore. They can use the attached stylus to trace letters and shapes on the electronic clipboard, then erase and draw again. Four modes of play explore letters, music, and art.

With the Let’s Chat Learning Phone, also from VTech, kids can answer the toy phone and chat with Peppa Pig, respond to her questions, and hear her respond with playful phrases. Press the George, Mummy, and Daddy pictures to listen to their voicemail messages. This learning toy for toddlers lets kids explore basic math skills such as numbers, counting, and addition through four interactive games featuring Peppa and her family. The LCD screen shows Peppa and her family talking, dancing, and jumping into muddy puddles. Plus, little ones can change the ringtone, brightness, and more just like a real smartphone.

LeapFrog will also introduce a LeapStart 3D Peppa Pig Playing Together story book for its LeapStart 3D Learning System. Kids can go on an adventure while building reading and vocabulary skills and learning how to share. As they read, they can tap the pictures and words on every page with the stylus to engage with this story book that includes reading comprehension activities that let kids predict what happens next, explore the details of the story, and then recall what they’ve read when they’re done. The story also teaches important life skills like how to share and play well together. Kids can learn good manners and more through games with Peppa Pig.

The new Peppa Pig When I Grow Up DVD, from Fox, features 12 piggy tales that range from the titular episode “When I Grow Up” to “Talent Day” to “Danny’s Pirate Party.” In episodes such as “The Police,” “Doctors,” and “The Fire Engine,” kids can explore helping others with Peppa and her friends from her playgroup. Kids can play, dance, sing, and explore along with Peppa and all of her friends and family.

5-minute Peppa Stories, from Scholastic, is the perfect bedtime book. It features eight stories in one big book, each of which—you guessed it—only takes about 5 minutes to read. All of them explore relatable situations for kids, such as a trip to the dentist, new neighbors, and—my personal favorite—”Let’s Go Shopping, Peppa.” The book features a soft, padded cover and all of kids favorite Peppa Pig characters. 

In When I Grow Up, also from Scholastic, Peppa and her friends travel through the same story from the episode of the same name, but this time, kids can read it for themselves. The When I Grow Up book takes one of kids’ favorite Peppa’s moments off-screen, and wraps it up in an adorable cover with shiny accents so kids can take the adventure with them wherever they go.