Peppas ChristmasPeppa Pig: Peppa’s Christmas, a new DVD collection from eOne, is ready to snag its spot in Christmas stockings this year. With 60 minutes of footage and 12 Peppa-sodes to choose from, kids won’t stop laughing alongside Peppa and her pals as they go on adventures of every kind.

In the first episode, “Peppa’s Christmas,” Peppa and her little brother George set off along the snowy hilltops to deliver their Christmas letters to Santa. As they sled their way to the mailbox, they run into the rest of their animal friends, who are ready to send their letters as well. Afterward, Peppa and her family travel to Miss Rabbit’s Tree Shop to purchase a Christmas tree for the house. Daddy Pig chooses the biggest tree available, and even lugs it all the way home. And later that night, Peppa and George get a glimpse of Father Christmas himself. This 10-minute episode is full of adorable twists and turns that add up to one exciting holiday tale.

The DVD includes 12 Peppa-sodes, each of which lasts about five minutes with the exception of “Peppa’s Christmas,” which is a bit longer. The episodes are short and sweet, but they still manage to tell a solid story with a wonderful beginning, middle, and end. In addition to “Peppa’s Christmas,” kids will be captivated by the other 11 titles this collection offers.

In “The Long Grass,” Peppa and George lose their spotted ball in some overgrown grass blades. When Daddy Pig’s lawnmower is too small to cut the grass down, the family must enlist the help of Grandpa Pig’s much larger mower, Betsy. In “School Bus Trip,” Peppa and her classmates embark on a trip to the mountains with their teacher, Madame Gazelle, as their guide. There, they learn about echoes and enjoy loads of laughs atop the highest peaks. The laughs continue in “Pirate Island,” my favorite Peppa-sode on the DVD. In this story, Grandpa and Granny Pig sail Peppa and friends to Pirate Island in search of buried treasure. But when Grandpa Pig falls asleep at the helm, the boat drifts away, leaving Peppa and company as castaways until he wakes up. It’s simple hilarity that you can’t help but love.

Other episodes include “Cuckoo Clock,” “Pretend Friend,” “The Dentist,” “Zoe Zebra,” “Nature Trail,” “Pen Pal,” “Granny and Grandpa’s Attic,” and “The School Fete.”

Peppa Pig: Peppa’s Christmas is the perfect holiday special for kids this season, offering good-natured fun and giggles galore.