We’re “fired up” for this 6V Paw Patrol Marshall Ride-On Fire Truck.

There is nothing like riding in a fire engine—and this brings that blaze of glory to a ride-on for at-home play. Kids can climb in and head off to a “ruffscue” with this hot ride.

While ride-ons are always fun, this Kid Trax Paw Patrol Fire Truck has features that enhance the imaginative play. There is an included hat, shovel, and fire extinguisher that make kids feel like a real firefighter-in-training. Even better is that these accessories are removable from the truck. When the truck is taking a “power” nap, using the included 6-volt battery and wall charger, your to-hot-to-handle toddler have on-the-go playtime fun.

While your mini-first responder is on their mission, the commander-in-chief (that’s you, adult in charge!) can rest assured the objective will be a success. The rubber traction strip tires help keep the ride smooth. Then the forward and reverse driving options, and real foot pedal acceleration (!!) create a suitably-slow—2.5 mph—but realistic driving experience for little rescuers!

Another thing that enhances the play experience is the realistic horn and siren sounds. It really takes the role play to new levels. The sounds are loud enough to feel fun, but not loud enough to annoy the neighbors. A walk around the block may have by-standers wondering where the fire is until they see this hot toy, and the scorching smile on your child’s face!