Spin Master Owleez

Owleez, from Spin Master, is the interactive owl pet that kids can actually teach to fly! 

Kids start by practicing with their owl and swinging Owleez through the air over and over again. With enough practice, Owleez will be ready to fly. One of the best parts about Owleez that makes it unique as an interactive pet is that it can fail — and that’s OK. Baby owls don’t fly right out of the nest, so it encourages kids to keep training their pets until they can successfully fly. 

Once Owleez is in flight, kids can either have it land on their hand or any surface. As far as the propellors go, parents can let their kids play with safety confidence. If the propellors hit anything, the Owleez flight system immediately stops, so it won’t hurt fingers or get stuck in hair.



Owleez eyes will light up depending on its different moods, and it will respond to kids’ touch as well. Owleez comes with guides, so kids know how to properly care for their owl. Blue eyes mean the Owleez is cold, so touch its forehead so it feels better. Kids can also feed, pet, tickle, and rock Owleez, just like they would a real pet, and Owleez will respond with cute sounds as they play.

Kids will love teaching their brand new baby owl to fly — and nurturing and caring for it the whole way through the journey.