While Borax is still selling out in stores, parents don’t necessarily love slime the way kids do. But with ORB Odditeez, kids can enjoy the slimy sensation they crave contained in a gooey, transparent ball— meaning no mess for parents. Everybody wins!

ORB Odditeez come in multiple sizes, textures and fillings. Kids ages 8 and up can choose from mega, super, jumbo or extreme sizes, each one more awesome than the next. While the mega ball is the perfect palm-sized ball for stress relief, the extreme ball is a super-sized two-handed experience.

These oddballs are available in Slimiballz, Beadiballz, Glitter Ribbons, or FuzionFoodz. Slimiballz are ultra sparkly and filled with gushy slime. Kids can roll, squeeze, and enjoy the slimy glittery mush inside, while it all stays perfectly contained.

Beadiballz are filled with watery, squishy beads in multiple colors. The textured inside is especially satisfying as you let the beads slip through your fingers.

Glitter Ribbons are like the perfect fusion of Slimiballz and Beadiballz, featuring sparkling thin ribbons and glitter pieces in brilliant colors.

Fuzion Foodz are a total surprise, and kids can reveal their Odditeez inside by peeling back one layer at a time. And last but not least, coming soon: Plopzz. Kids can squeeze these fuzzy, super soft little creatures to reveal a balloon full glitter ribbons extruding from its mouth. It’s cute, it’s weird, and it’s unbelievably addicting.

ORB Odditeez provide kids with the tactile play they love, and stress relief adults will love too. These slimy, squishy balls are available in so many styles, from gold glitter to green glitter ribbons. Some even have unique textures. Once you pick them up, it’s impossible to put them down.