“My dog ate my homework!” We’ve all heard that one before, but now you can find out if it’s really true with Operation: Pet Scan, a brand new game from Hasbro.

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In true dog fashion, Cavity Sam’s dog Rex-Ray ate a whole bunch of things that he shouldn’t have and players must help him feel better by digging them out using the magnetic dog-o-scope. Players can guide the dog-o-scope along Rex-Ray’s belly in hopes that the missing objects will come out of his tail end. When the buzzer sounds, the ailment drops and if it falls out of the dog’s belly, the turn is over. Players gain points for each object that they successfully remove and whoever has the most points is the winner! The game is also filled with fun sound effects, including barks, belly gurgling, and fart noises.

This twist on the classic Operation game is suitable for kids ages 6 and up. Families can find it at Target starting this month.