Disney-Frozen-Snow-Cone-Maker--pTRU1-19228745dtAmidst last week’s Winter Storm Juno, I thought the best use of my snowed-in time would be to make a few wintry treats with my favorite snowy buddy, Olaf. Lucky for me, Jakks Pacific provides the perfect way to do this with the Disney Frozen Snow Cone Maker—Olaf. Shaped like that lovable snowman with daydreams of summer in his big, adorable eyes, this snow cone maker is perfect for a fun treat, whether it be in the middle of an impending blizzard, or to cool off in summer.

The snow cone maker transforms basic ice cubes into icy treats. It comes with the sugar-free flavor powder you need to make your treats, so there isn’t a lot of extra equipment required. Kids can just choose a flavor and add the powder and water to a flavor bottle and they get sugar-free syrup to flavor their cones. Then, add ice cubes to the snow cone maker and turn the handle to make the “snow.” They can add as little or as much flavor as they want, and voila! A Frozen-themed snow day treat.

There’s nothing kids love more than making something on their own, and this product makes it exciting for them to do so. This adorable and gender-neutral Olaf product makes it fun for kids to incorporate their favorite snowman into playtime in a unique way. Younger kids may need a bit of a help cranking through those frozen ice cubes at first, and the sugary powder could lend itself to a mess, so although the machine is kid-powered, we recommend adult supervision during the process.

The kit makes it fun for kids to make snow cones together or with mom and dad, so it’s an awesome activity for family fun.