Oh! My GIF from Moose Toys! This latest toy line brings internet GIFs to life as the first moving collectible toy that is inspired by GIFs, memes, and stickers on the internet and social media. From hashtags to funny GIFs, these social media communication mediums are prevalent in phone texts and online platforms. And now, kids can collect these silly figures so that they can #expressyourself!

I fell in #love with the entire social media toy collection, which premiered leading up to Toy Fair New York in February. From the DonutStop to the Shady Ninja lamp, it is hard to figure out a favorite!

Yet, no matter what you get, kids (and, tbh, adults) can express themselves with this shareable collection of 50 “GIFbits” characters. The characters are in six teams — #CURRENTVIBE, #BESTIES, #WOW, #GOALS, #FAILS, and, of course, #SUPP.

No matter the team, all the Oh! My GIF figures all feature unique movements that can reset with a quick touch. You either pull, push, turn, or twist your GIFbit to discover the unique movement and quirky message! This reviewer adores the shark with a heart that says “#ICHEWSYOU,” and the lipstick that reveals “LETSMAKEUP.”

These figures are available in single Bit Packs ($4.99) and three Bit Packs ($9.99). With the three packs, two GIFbits are revealed, and the third is a surprise reveal. The single packs are blind reveal boxes. As with most collectibles on the market, there are limited editions and rare versions. The dilemma will be whether to collect based on the characters, the movement, or the hashtag!

Whatever your collection strategy, you can unlock digital versions of your favorite GIFbits to share with your IRL BFFs. Each GIFbit comes with its own A.R. card – just download the GIFs Gone Live AR app from the Android App Store and the Apple App Store. Then scan the AR card from the pack, and then download your GIFbit onto your smart device. You can then integrate your new digital GIFbit with your keyboard and add them to messages! There will also be exclusive Oh! My GIF sticker packs available to download, too.

These GIFbits are also perfect for GIFts. The only issue will be whether you can avoid the temptation to keep them for yourself.