CopterDartsCopter Darts from OgoSport is like a kinder, gentler version of bocce ball, a game that I played only once, on an elaborate court built inside a bar in Park Slope, Brooklyn. That evening’s still a bit hazy, although I do recall enjoying the skill and precision required by the game, which involves rolling small metal balls at a target and trying to end up closest to it. One big difference of Copter Darts is it utilizes soft foam darts instead of relatively dense spheroids. As such, play can take place within a large distance—the manufacturer recommends up to 60 feet—and players can feel free to throw or otherwise make their darts airborne, without fear of injury or damage, even if the game is taking place indoors.

I found Copter Darts to be a terrific indoor or outdoor activity, either with teams or by myself. The design of the darts is especially compelling: They can be thrown effectively in various ways, and each has three wings, which can be spread out for a slower descent and more “copter”-like effect. They’re also durable thanks to heavier rubber bases that make them stand upright, even after the most awkward of throws. Every Copter Darts package comes with a range of suggested ways to play, but the game mechanics are so straightforward, and the toy itself is designed so well that the real challenge for kids ages 3 and up is to not keep playing.