The NXS Racers from Maisto are fast, miniature pullback toy cars with racing graphics for kids age 3 and up. Yet, when the kids feel the need for speed, they are going to want the NXS Speed Tunnel. Alternatively, if they want a tricked out toy, then the NXS Racers Stunt Pack gives kids three different ways to play. These are great play sets for kids on the fast track!

The NXS Racers Speed Tunnel Set for kids allows the included NXS racer car to zoom into the racing tunnel at high-velocity and continue to loop. It is a fun alternative to a traditional loop because the cylinder allows for more sweet spirals. Even better, add some household items, such as plastic cups, at the end of the Speed Tunnel. Then, see the racer crash through and scatter the cups for a fun effect.

Instead of spirals, how about stunts? With the NXS Racers Stunt Park, kids can either use the round-about to steer the included car back to you, or maybe jump it and see if you can pull off some sweet flips. Even better, try to land in the winner’s podium. It is a great way for kids to learn about physics and spacial relations as they determine where to place the car on the track, and how much force to use when rev-ing up the racer.

The best part of all is that you can combine both the Stunt Park and the Speed Tunnel together. The racer can hit the arch for a spin—and then get some air before reaching the target. Though parents might think the best part of these sets is that they do not require batteries.

Kids can play solo, but the fun kicks up a notch when racing with friends. Kids can set goals as to how many spins they can get to see if they can beat their friends. Alternatively, they can see who hits the target the most.

Whether racing, revving or reveling, these NXS Racers are a gift win!