We can all use a little loving from a comfort animal in times like these. Even if you can’t commit to a real, live pet right now, you can still introduce your kids to Nuzzy Luvs!

Recommended for kids ages 4 and up, these plush pets from Cepia come in eight baby animal styles: Peaches the orange kitty, Pookie the purple husky, Woogie the pink leopard, Bella the blue bunny, Luvbug the pink bunny, Snuggler the colorful monkey, Shorty the yellow-and-pink giraffe, and Mystic the white unicorn. Each one is small enough to hold in one hand and features beanie arms and legs and soft fur all over. The head and torso are more solid because that’s where the mechanical movements and battery pack are located.

Kids can pet the Nuzzy Luvs to activate movements and sound like a real baby animal. Nuzzy Luvs also turn their head from side to side, blink their eyes, and respond to voice and touch with cute animal noises, like meowing, snoring, and sneezing. Even when kids aren’t interacting with them, the animals will continue to make noises and motions on their own as long as the switch is in the “on” position.

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It makes for great nurturing play because the Nuzzy Luvs act like real pets would — without the mess. Kids will find it comforting to snuggle up with one and see it react. Some animals are more realistic than others. For example, the cat meows and purrs, while the bunny makes screeching and kissing noises that a real bunny does not make, but young kids would be too excited to care. It is important to note that if you order one online, you don’t get to choose which animal you receive, so if your kids are picky, you might want to pick one up in person.

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that Nuzzy Luvs will make the perfect pet pals to keep kids company anywhere they go!