Lena had a lot of fun testing Noomie, by WowWee, which is a fun R/C designed with girls in mind. There are not a lot of options for R/Cs that are developed with younger girls in mind, but Noomie fits the bill nicely. She comes with six plug and play accessories, and her personality changes when kids swap out the various accessories. My personal favorite is the cowboy hat, which has Noomie saying “Giddy up! Woah, Nelly!” Lena likes plugging in the hair bow and pacifier so Noomie acts like a baby.

NoomieNoomie speaks a language known as Noomian. Some of it is suspiciously English-related (“Meow-Meow” translates to “cat” for example), but some of it will require kids to access the Noomian to English dictionary. (“Tingee-Doo Chu-La” means “You are cute!”, or my personal favorite, “Jigg-Lee Jigg-Lee,’ which is Noomian for “twerk.”)

Noomie is easy to control, and functions appropriately for a 5 year old. She has simple forward, backward, left, right arrows, plus buttons to make her talk (which seems unnecessary since she speaks constantly), shake, and dance. Noomie is available in three styles. The one shown in this video is Tink, but BooLoo and Wellow are also available.