Nintendo 3DS Preorders and Augmented Reality

Yesterday retailers such as and Game Stop began taking preorders for Nintendo‘s newest portable gaming system, the Nintendo 3DS.

Retailing for $249.99, The Nintendo allows 3D gaming on a touch- LCD screen without the need for glasses.

Along with 30 titles set to be available at launch, the 3DS will also include a 3D camera which we hear is quite impressive and  augmented reality cards which will allow for augmented reality picture taking as well as gaming.

Below is one of the first looks of that augmented reality gaming, conducted by Engadget.

We think it’s pretty cool- what do you think?

2 Responses to “Nintendo 3DS Preorders and Augmented Reality”

  1. Barbara

    I love my 3DS. I received it as a gift for my birthday. I love the 3D but my son (14) doesn’t like playing it in 3D, he says it hurts his eyes. I personally have no complaints about the system.


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