nightbuddiesInvented and designed in Napa Valley, Calif., handmade Night Buddies, from Napa Valley Toys USA, are special plush toys that light up with a hug. Kids can simply squeeze the belly and they eyes on their new friend light up. The patented eye illumination promotes emotion, a universal good feeling of hope, security, and peace. These plush friends are designed for kids ages 3 and up—so they don’t have to be afraid of those things that go bump in the night. These plush toys are so adorable, and don’t have any bulky battery packs that would make snuggling uncomfortable.

Night Buddies have an auto-off feature, so kids can easily activate the light again until they fall back into a peaceful sleep. The lights are bright enough to provide comfort in the dark, but not too bright as to keep a kid from being able to fall asleep. It provides the right amount of comfort and security for those kids who aren’t entirely comfortable in the dark. Their cute faces really give them an extra burst of personality, so they become more than a toy for your kids—they become a friend that they can trust.

Each buddy is handmade and meet all American Standards Testing. The line features characters such as Mac, the non-monster truck; Haley, the cute convertible; WC Racecar; AC Airlines; Mark the Shark; Oliver the Orca; Ally the Turtle; and Olivia the Dolphin. You can click here to read all about the buddies and their backstories.