Bixbie the Longhorn is part of Douglas Co.’s Soft line. | Source: Douglas Co./the Toy Insider

Fans of Douglas Co.’s Soft plushie line are getting a treat with these major updates!

Douglas Co., a family-owned and operated business, first released its Soft plush line last March. After almost a year, Douglas Co. has expanded the line with the introduction of 21 new plush characters. In the same fabric choices and breed-specific coloring as other Softs, the new animal varieties come from forests, jungles, farms, and zoos. 

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New plushies include Lizzie the Sloth, Sootie the Dragon, Dollie the Lamb, Stormie the Bunny, Rylie the Goat, Shirlie the Doodle Dog, Rex the Alligator, Elsie the Cow, Scottie the Highland Cow, Elodie the White Unicorn, Obie the Dragon, White the Polar Bear, Perry the Grey Penguin, Kyrie the Red Panda, and Finnie the Frog.

Donnie the Puppy Mini Soft | Source: Douglas Co.

While the original Softs range in size from 9-15 inches, Douglas Co. also introduced Mini Softs at 6 inches. There are 20 Mini Softs in the initial collection, which includes some classic characters like Winnie the Cat and Donnie the Puppy, as well as new characters like Shirlie, Rylie, and Sottie.

Both the latest Softs and the initial Mini Softs collection are expected to hit store shelves in March.