It’s time for a playtime rebellion.

Hasbro’s new Nerf Rebelle Flipside Bow is bringing more firepower than ever before. The new fast-flipping bow lets kids ages 8 and up fire up to 10 darts before reloading, the highest capacity bow yet in the Nerf Rebelle line.

Kids can easily load the included black and pink darts into each five-dart drum, lock it in place, and get ready to fire. Kids simply pull back on the string as far as they can to fire each Nerf dart up to 80 feet away. This bow has serious fire, but the darts are very low impact, and won’t hurt if kids get hit. Best of all? No batteries required, this blaster uses basic spring-action technology.


Once kids get through the first five darts, they can pull the flip trigger, and the next five are locked and loaded. Reloading is the least fun part of any Nerf blasting section, so having 10 darts ready at a time allows for more exciting blasting action, and kids will love the satisfaction that comes with flipping the drums around.

Kids can fire quickly, and they have total control over the trajectory of the darts. They can pull back slower and lighter to let the darts hit a nearby target, or pull back hard and fast to really send them flying. The bow itself is 2 feet long, but it’s super light so kids won’t have trouble holding while they aim, flip, and fire.

The Flipside Bow can stand up against any Nerf blaster, making it the perfect addition to any sibling or slumber party battle. It’s safe to use inside or outside, and the pink tips on the darts make them easy to find hiding in the grass or snuggled between the couch cushions.

Whether little sisters are staging a coup against their big brothers or the trees in the backyard are set up for some target practice, the Nerf Rebelle Flipside is a must-have addition to any Nerf arsenal.