Now you can turn your favorite photo into a picture-perfect keepsake.

With Ravensburger’s new line of myRavensburger Photo Puzzles, jigsaw enthusiasts can immortalize any moment in a puzzle.

Ravensburger allows users to choose their piece count, including novice 100-piece puzzles, more challenging 500-piece puzzles, or 1,000-piece puzzles for true pros. Plus, you can trust the quality of these puzzles will be far higher than any run-of-the-mill custom printing site.

The puzzle-making process is a breeze. Simply upload a JPEG photo, add any desired filters or special effects, such as a color adjustment or image rotation, design your box, and purchase. The Ravensburger site will let you know if your image is of a high enough quality to print your puzzle, ensuring everything looks great in the end. You can even add a custom message or title to the puzzle tin, which ups the value of the lovely keepsake.

Fans can expect the standard puzzle quality Ravensburger is known for, including precisely cut pieces, a great fit, and limited puzzle dust.

The puzzles are glare-free and the pieces connect perfectly so you’ll never find yourself questioning whether something actually fits or not (my biggest puzzle pet peeve). The hardest part will be choosing which photo to puzzlize.

myRavensburger Puzzles range from about $35 to $50 depending on the piece count. From pet pics to family photos, anything goes This gift is absolutely perfect for any puzzle-lover in your life. And remember: puzzling helps kids build hand-eye coordination, special reasoning skills, and patience.