My Partner Pikachu

Gotta catch ’em all! Or, you know, at least play with them all.

My Partner Pikachu, from Wicked Cool Toys, gives kids an opportunity to engage with their favorite little yellow Pokémon in a brand-new way. The handheld figure plays more than 20 of Pikachu’s well-known sounds and expressions, and he moves, too. In all, kids can watch and listen as Pikachu produces more than 100 reactions to motion and touch sensors, which are located on top of its head, its nose, and its stomach. The figure’s arms and ears move, and his cheeks and tail light up.

Kids can communicate with My Partner Pikachu via three touch sensors. It features two modes of play for kids to explore: Discovery and Train. In Discovery mode, kids can learn and bond with Pikachu by touching any combination of his sensors, and watching as he reacts. For example, tapping Pikachu’s stomach three times yields giggles and ear wiggles. In Training mode, kids progress through nine different sound clues to put their skills as a Pokémon trainer to the test. After switching to this mode, little trainers must wait for Pikachu’s sound clues to perform the correct training action. If they don’t get it right, Pikachu lets them know by playing a zapping sound and saying “Pika” in a bit of an exasperated tone. (Calm down, Pika, all is not lost.)

Watch it in action below!

Through playing with the figure, kids can bolster their social skills and engage in some imaginative, role-playing fun. Playing with this digital toy also helps further kids’ tech skills.

Pika Pika!