My First Hess Truck 2020 Fire Truck

For more than 55 years, the Hess Corp. has been delivering high-quality toy trucks that last for generations. In recent years, the fleet has grown to include the annual Hess Toy Truck that gets released for the holidays, along with an annual set of miniatures that traditionally rolls out in the summer months. Now, for the first time ever, a Hess Toy Truck is being released in February, and it’s one that’s been created in response to numerous requests over the years: a truck designed for the youngest crowd as the perfect starter for a collection.

My First Hess Truck 2020 Fire Truck Review

My First Hess Truck debuts with the 2020 Fire Truck. The box says “for all ages,” but the truck is designed with care for babies and toddlers. For those who have never owned a Hess Toy Truck, there is an experience that goes with each delivery, and it starts with the box. Typically, the trucks arrive in a brown cardboard box that says “Handle with Care,” but this one has “Care” crossed out so that it reads “Handle with Love.” The interior box is similar to other Hess Toy Trucks, but with babies in mind, there are no plastic packaging, bags, or fasteners inside the box. A grown-up can simply open the end to reveal the soft and cuddly fire truck inside. There is one tag on the truck that serves as both a gift tag and a “driver’s license” to be filled out by an adult for the young recipient.

My First Hess Truck 2020 Fire Truck Review

Hess Toy Trucks are noted for their exceptional quality that rivals — and in many cases exceeds — that of the major toymakers. My First Hess Truck brings that same level of care into the infant and toddler space with a soft fire truck that includes lights and sounds but also has some collector flair.

Kids can press the Hess logo on the hood to enjoy 11 flashing LED lights or two songs, “The Wheels on the Bus” and “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” The recordings are high-quality, digital presentations that sound better than you’d expect, and they’re not snippets: each is a complete song.

An internal, padded battery compartment includes a switch that parents can use to allow or mute sound. Kids can also use My First Hess Truck as a nightlight by squeezing the middle of the lightbar on the top of the cab. The warm lights illuminate for a steady, non-flashing glow controlled by a 15-minute shut-off timer.

While the Hess Corp. never gives an exact number, their trucks always sell out pretty quickly, and they say that this one was produced in “extremely limited quantities.” Bottom line: If you want to buy one, you need to act sooner than later.

The My First Hess Truck 2020 Fire Truck includes a dated license plate for collectability and comes with three AAA Energizer batteries and includes free standard shipping exclusively from