Every bike rider has to start somewhere: You need to master the basics before you can get it just right and ride off into the sunset.

Yvolution, known for its active bicycles and outdoor products, aims to help little ones take that first step, err, ride on the open road with its plush-covered My Buddy Wheels balance bikes.

Before kids can take their wheels on the go, they have to learn the basics. Cue the balance bike. Designed to help kiddos learn balance, coordination, and gross motor skills, balance bikes are great training tools to help kids become pros on a real bicycle. The concept of a balance bike is a helpful tool for kids, but Yvolution goes a step beyond and makes this practical toy into a super cute plush animal coming along for the ride.


These soft, plush Buddies easily fit atop the white and gray balance bike frame and wheels, giving the ride-on some much-needed color and comfort to each rider. My Buddy Wheels comes in three animal characters: a unicorn, a dinosaur, and a horse. The detachable animal friends are available in three colors, each corresponding with one animal theme: pink, green, and brown. With a new plush pal by their side, kids ages 2 and up will gain the necessary confidence to pedal away into the distance.


The lightweight balance bike features a height-adjustable seat and handlebar that will grow alongside kids, plus shock-absorbing wheels for a safe ride. With the soft, plush fabric and interior padding, Buddy helps provide a soft cushion to keep kids from getting hurt as they learn to ride. Parents can unzip and unclip the soft, cuddly Buddy and remove it from the bike to wash it or adjust the bike’s height. 

The bike will need to be set up right out of the box, but it’s fairly easy to put together. Adults will add the wheels, handlebar, and seat to the main bike frame and screw it all tightly to secure. The Buddy animal can be pulled over the bike and zipped around the frame. During setup, it is helpful to clip the Buddy’s legs and head onto the bike so the plush components won’t flop around while riding, and the plush pal is securely along for the ride. Once an adult completes that, kids will have fun learning the basics of bike riding and gain confidence in their balance and coordination skills as they practice riding on the balance bike.

Before you know it, kids are learning — and loving — to ride.