Babies and toddlers love music. My son, Henry, is almost a year old, and he loves to dance. When he got a hold of the Monkey Band Music Center, one of VTech’s latest offerings for infants and toddlers, he was very excited about the response he got with each press of a key. When you press on the keys in music mode, music plays. Very easy, even for a 6-month-old (the youngest age the product is recommended for). The light-up piano keys are very engaging, and encourage a baby to press them.

MonkeyBandEach key also has an animal printed on it, and when a key is pressed in animal mode, the animal is identified, and it plays the sound the animal makes. This easy cause-and-effect feature is perfect for kids at this young age, who are just learning about this concept, and the power of making something happen is very exciting for them.

When the cute little monkey is twisted, a song plays. There are two sing-along songs and 10 different melodies. Henry’s favorite thing about this toy is when it plays a song or melody. He loves to clap along to the music—though his rhythm is a little off. I can tell he is very proud of himself when he gets a song to play.

Monkey Band Music Center is recommended for kids ages 6 months to 36 months. It really depends on the individual child, but I would suggest that this toy be purchased for a child younger than 2. It seems that around age 1 is the perfect time to introduce it to a child. The toy will provide entertainment through 36 months, but for most children, the early end of the age spectrum recommended seems most appropriate.

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