Let’s call this the Swiss Army knife of ride-ons. Minus the blades, of course.

MorfBoard, from Jakks Pacific, is an innovative skate, scoot, bounce, and balance system that lets kids ages 8 and up enjoy an entirely new play experience. Featuring multiple components that can be swapped, kids can easily transform this ride-on in seconds.

The MorfBoard system is a skate and scoot combination. Kids can ride it like a skateboard, or cruise around on it like a scooter. The box includes a deck, a set of skate Xtensions, a set of scoot Xtensions, and a scoot T-Bar.If you’re wondering how on earth you turn a skateboard into a scooter and vice-versa, let me explain. MorfBoard utilizes Lock and Release Technology, which allows riders to transform their ride in seconds as they remove Xtensions from the deck and swap in new ones. Simply drop the desired Xtension into the base, turn it 90-degrees, and allow the flex trigger to lock it into place. It truly is as easy as advertised.MorfBoard was designed with kids in mind, and so the board’s components are more than ready to be kid-tested. The skateboard has a shorter board for an easier ride, and its Xtensions feature bigger, softer wheels for smoother glides. MorfBoard’s plastic structure provides enough flex to absorb bumps in the pavement, so kids can enjoy a smooth ride on the sidewalk, in the street, or at the skatepark.Scoot Xtensions sport lean-to-steer front trucks that let kids can use their body weight to shift direction. The extended front wheels give kids the opportunity to carve, while the inset lever brake lets kids stop on a dime if they need to. The scooter’s T-Bar—which features rubber anti-slip grip handles to keep kids in control—can be adjusted too, so the system can grow with kids and even get passed down to younger siblings in the future.

Tweens and teens can stretch the limits of their MorfBoard with Balance Xtensions and Bounce Xtensions (sold separately). The Balance Xtension, for example, is a strong tube made out of rubber roller traction pad. Kids can place it under their MorfbBoard to practice their dynamic balance skills and overall coordination, indoors or outside.

For even more fun, riders can swap in a set of Bounce Xtensions, which feature rubber rebounders and adjustable foot straps for a hopping good time.