Moose Toys Introduces Treasure X Collectibles

Moose Toys is a change-maker in the world of collectibles. With Shopkins, Grossery Gang, Pikmi Pops, and so much more, we have to wonder if it will ever run out of ideas. Its latest collectible line, Treasure X, is further proof that the company is (thankfully!) chock full of new collectibles.

Treasure X features a multi-layered unboxing process, complete with the ultimate surprise reveal. Kids dig their way through, uncovering the chance to find treasure and one of 24 collectible action figures, each with its own distinctive weapon to assemble.

Treasure X is on sale early at Vat19 in the U.S. and at Smyths in the UK, and will be available in toy stores in August.

16 Responses to “Moose Toys Introduces Treasure X Collectibles”

  1. Joy Hockett

    We have bought 5 of these, and TWO have been missing a leg. No, we didn’t just leave it in a lump of clay. We pulverized it. No leg, twice. That is an awfully high rate of error, especially for a pricey toy.

    • Cheryl Ritter

      I just bought two of these for my son today, have only opened one so far and it’s missing an arm so he can’t use the weapon, my son is super sad about it because he was so excited and we spent so much time digging through everything to find all the pieces.

  2. Cheyanne peterson

    I’ve bought 2 so far and every peice has been there, maybe you guys actually have to dig more into the block

  3. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY. just bought one for my son, and there was no toy. Child is crying. What a joke! Not the first review of this either

  4. Moose should really up their quality control. The only ones that seem to have all the pieces are the ones being sent to toy reviewers. All the ones in stores seem to be missing pieces then when you contact them they make you jump through hoops just to get the piece you should have gotten in the first place. Their reviews from customers are horrible. Only good reviews are from review sites and youtubers.

  5. Angela Dillon

    Spent $9.99 on this treasure X toy as my son was super excited to have seen it in the store as he has been wanting one. Spent 20-30 min digging out his treasures only to find that a leg was missing from one of the rare treasure hunters. I went behind him and double checked and was not able to locate the leg. Huge disappointment for the amount spent on this and it’s not even a complete piece!! I suggest you ensure all pieces are in the treasure before they hit the shelves as I’m sure this won’t be the only one missing a part. Glad I didn’t waste money to buy a second one!

  6. Scott Snow

    The toy from treasure x was missing an arm. 🙁 can’t hold its weapon and I inspected the hole thing. It wasn’t there.

    • Marissa DiBartolo

      We are a review website and do not make or sell any toys. You need to reach out to Moose Toys (the manufacturer) or the retailer from which you purchased the item.


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