Get ready for a magical rockin’ ride with the Rockin’ Rider Moonlight Spring Unicorn from Tek Nek.

A plush take on a classic spring horse, kids ages 2 and up (weighing up to 65 lbs) can climb aboard Moonlight, bounce up and down, and imagine they are galloping along on horseback (or, rather, unicornback).

To make bouncing easier, there are stirrups on both sides of the ride-on horse in which kids can place their feet and push off. The stirrups feature three different rungs, accommodating kids of multiple heights.

Kids can add to the make-believe fun by pressing buttons on Moonlight’s ears—the left ear for sound effects and phrases or the right ear for the exclusive “I’m a Magical Unicorn” song.

The spring Unicorn does require some adult assembly, which should take about 30 minutes. An included manual spells out the steps, such as connecting the frame and attaching the springs.

One thing to note before purchasing Moonlight is that, once constructed, the unicorn isn’t collapsible for storage. Be sure to have a space set aside to house Moonlight—it measures 39 by 24 by 37.5 inches, and you’ll want to leave some extra space around the unicorn so kids can climb on and off or bounce without hitting anything.

The horse has other fun features too, like a brush-able mane and tail, a colorful saddle, and hand grips on either side of Moonlight’s head.

Kids will enjoy bouncing, singing, and imagining with Moonlight, their new unicorn friend.