The game includes Squishmallows-inspired game pieces. | Source: The Op

Fans of Squishmallows and game nights are in luck, because The Op is combining both in the new Monopoly: Squishmallows Collector’s Edition.

In Squishmallows’ very first tabletop game debut, kids ages 8 and up can buy, trade, and sell some of the brand’s most adorable, collectible plush characters, remodeled as Monopoly game pieces. The set comes complete with a game board, 32 house figures, 16 Chance cards, 16 Community Chest cards, two dice, and custom money themed after Cam the cat. The game follows typical Monopoly rules and the player with the most Squishcash at the end of the game wins!

Kids can play as six collectible tokens: a Cam silhouette; block letters that say, “Feelin’ Mallow;” headphones; a rainbow; sunglasses; and a Squishmallow hangtag. The game also comes with an exclusive, mini Squishmallow featuring Cam the cat in a turquoise tuxedo. Some other fan-favorite Squishmallows are also featured in the game, including the Classic Squad, the Fantasy Squad, Benny the Bigfoot, and Fifi the fox.

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Monopoly: Original Squishmallows Collector’s Edition is now available for purchase on The Op’s website for $59.99. To complete the Squishmallows gaming collection, the Squishmallows “#Share My Squad” 1000-piece puzzle is also available for $17.99 at

Collecting Squishmallows is always fun, but now kids can game with them, too.