No job is too small for Minnie’s Happy Helpers, and now kids can officially be part of the crew!

With Minnie’s Walk & Play Puppy, from Just Play, kids can help Minnie walk and train her sweet pooch, Snowpuff. This adorable feature plush comes with Minnie Mouse and her little fluffball pet sidekick, Snowpuff. And, with two modes of play, kids will be busy making sure Snowpuff will know all of her commands!

We all know and love Minnie Mouse, who wears a pink dress and metallic pink bow with her iconic polka dots. Snowpuff is the cutest lil’ pup, with super plush fur and an extra floppy tail. The bodies of Minnie and Snowpuff are hard with electronics, but their heads are soft and squishy.

In Talking Mode, Minnie and Snowpuff magically interact with each other while Minnie trains her. All you have to do is place Snowpuff in front of Minnie, so that they’re facing each other. Make sure there’s no more than two feet between them, so Snowpuff can hear all of the commands! Press Minnie’s clicker in her right hand, and she will prompt her pup to do either speak, dance, or swirl. Snowpuff is the best trained dog in the world, because she will listen to every single command without missing a beat!

In Walking Mode, kids can go on dog-walking adventures with Minnie and Snowpuff. Connect the included leash to Minnie’s hand and Snowpuff’s neck, and press the button on the pup’s head to activate the walking. Minnie will talk and sing to her dog, and Snowpuff will bark with delight in return. It’s so cute!

Minnie’s Walk and Play Puppy is a charming addition to any toy box. Kids will love walking, spinning, and dancing with their new duo!