We’ve been waiting for it forever: the return of our favorite yellow, goofy, pill-shaped henchmen, the Minions. This time, they’re back with their own movie. Minions, from Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment, is a heartwarming tale of friendship, bravery, and teamwork, all featuring our favorite characters from the Despicable Me franchise. The story is a prequel to the other Despicable Me movies, focusing mostly on three of these lovable guys: Kevin, Stuart, and Bob.

Never before did I have a favorite Minion, until this movie when I became more acquainted with Bob—the smallest, delightfully adorable Minion. This teddy bear-toting little guy is always excite, especially after picking up a new friend along the way in the underground of London.

Aside from the Minions, this movie has an overall strong voice cast. The red hot, devious, and fashionable Scarlett Overkill—the world’s top supervillain who only dreams of becoming a princess—is voiced by Sandra Bullock, who gives a great sarcastic humor to the character. Her lovable husband/evil villain gadget maker Herb is brought to life in a chill, laid-back, ’60s-mod way by Jon Hamm. The two of them together make a loveable couple, so much so that you hate to see them be the villains.

The film follows the origin story of the Minions as they search for the perfect boss to serve through the eras. Unfortunately each of their bosses—the T-rex, a caveman, Napoleon—all seem to meet their end as a direct result of the Minions’ antics. Napoleon’s followers do not take this so well, and run the Minions into hiding. They build up their own little city, but are unfulfilled without a boss to serve.

Kevin decides enough is enough and lets his tribe know that he will set out on the treacherous journey to find a new boss. Stuart unknowingly also volunteers to go along, and the overeager Bob joins the journey, although he is small and Kevin worries he isn’t strong enough. Their journey lands them in New York City, where they decide to hitchhike to Orlando to attend the secret Villain Con in hopes of finding a new boss. Walter and Madge Nelson (Michael Keaton and Allison Janney) are also heading to the Con with their villainous family and give the Minions a ride. Who knew villains could be so polite?

At Villain Con, the Minions win over Scarlett and she makes them her new henchmen. After wisking them off to London, she and Herb lay down their plan for the Minions to steal Queen Elizabeth’s crown. This mission goes awry (those crazy Minions are just so full of mischievious antics) with a strange twist that lands Bob as the king of England and all the Minions living in Buckingham Palace, complete with Queen Elizabeth’s corgis—who are, if possible, even more adorable in animation form.

The best part about Minions, and the entire Despicable Me franchise, is that you love the characters SO much that you completely forget that they’re villains (or henchmen). You, essentially, are always rooting for the bad guy. It breaks down your typical storytelling mode and swaps it out for more of a character study, so to speak, than a traditional good vs. evil tale. You know the Minions have big hearts, even though the job they seek is to help do evil. What we’re left with at the end is a story of friendship, loyalty, bravery, and just plain fun.

You can check out the trailer below and also see tons of great new Minions toys here!