Minion Stuart

Ahem. BEE-DO! BEE-DO! BEE-DO! BEE-DO! Now that I have your attention…

I’ve always enjoyed the Minions characters, especially their goofy, carefree attitude and indiscernible mess they call a language. Combined with their short statures and bright yellow skin, they’re the perfect launch pad for creative, imaginative play.

With Thinkway Toys’ new set of Minions interactive figures, kids can join forces with the same yellow creatures they’ve come to know and love on the big screen. Determined leader Kevin, mischievous rebel Stuart, and overly enthusiastic Bob are all available and ready for the most imaginative adventures that kids can cook up. Designed for kids ages 4 and up, these Minions are sure to provoke plenty of pretend high jinks.

I had the pleasure of toying around with Minion Stuart, the radical, rebellious youth with dreams of becoming a rock star. Included in the box is Stuart himself, one plastic guitar, and a black rubber guitar strap. Composed of both colored plastic and colored rubber that houses his mechanical insides, Stuart is not exactly the type of toy kids will want to cuddle up with at night. Instead, he’s a rough and tumble figure that will make the top of any dresser his stage. With jointed, bendable plastic arms and feet that swivel, kids can position Stuart in a number of different poses.Minion Kevin

The best part about Minion Stuart is how interactive he is. With 35 Minions movie sound effects and sayings, Stuart responds in the original movie voice every time kids push his tummy. He’s like the Pillsbury Doughboy, but yellow. The gibberish-like language he speaks is both exciting and playful, and very much reminiscent of the movie. Tilt Stuart’s head from side to side, and he’ll look sideways. He can even open and close his eyelids.

In his interactive guitar mode, Stuart starts singing and playing his four-string like the superstar he is. Just secure the guitar on the strap, plug the cable jack into Stuart’s side, and press his belly to see him show off his skills. Minion Bob

But what’s a Minion without his fellow friends? Minion Kevin and Minion Bob are both interactive as well, and kids can bring the tumultuous trio together by collecting them all. With Minion Kevin, kids can feed him his banana and watch him react to the daily dose of potassium of which he’s grown so fond. And finally, kids can enjoy Bob’s priceless reactions to his teddy bear, which can be plugged into his side for even more Minion fun.

Let the Minions-fueled monkey business begin.