Kids who want to spend their free time on Minecraft can now do so and learn at the same time.

The new Education Collection in the Minecraft marketplace opens up the world of learning with brand-new, downloadable worlds. Kids can explore the human eye, Washington D.C., and under the ocean, as well as embark on a variety of other virtual experiences.

Minecraft says it wants to help kids whose routines are completely turned upside down due to COVID-19. It says it hopes that these digital worlds can encourage kids to expand their minds as they play their favorite game. Families can download the worlds for free until June 30 here.

Kids with a more competitive nature can take part in the 2020 Minecraft Education Challenge. Students around the world are encouraged to learn about issues related to sustainability and inclusion and then build a Minecraft world that incorporates solutions to those issues. Select projects will be featured on the Minecraft Education website. Parents can find more info on Minecraft.